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Lida Diet Pills

It is original and outstanding, I am on it for about 2 weeks and about 6 lbs is lost, it curbs the appetite and I am eating healthily now, dry mouth is the only side effect I have got now, I can bear it ...

- Beatrice Lefebvre

Lida Daidaihua -6- Boxes

Lida Daidaihua -6- Boxes
Lida Daidaihua -6- Boxes

Price:   $69.90

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Do have meals when taking the pills to make sure your body supplied with enough nutrition, keep away from alcohol and eat light favor food, don't take tea which contains theophylline, or it will neutralize the effectiveness of the slimming process. Do not take this product if you are taking any medications (prescription or over-the-counter), take Lida daidaihua slimming capsules a week later if you have taken other diet pills before

DaiDaihua Extract, Job's-tears, Cassia Seed, Mulberry Leaf Extract

Specification: 350mg/30 Capsules/Box
Usage&Dosage: One capsule per day, half hour before or after breakfast, drink a lot water and take more fruits if possible, don't skip meals and far away from alcohol, tea, coffee etc
Precaution: Not for Children, pregnant woman and patients of cordis-vasal disease, apoplexy etc
Producer: Kunming Lingcao Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
General Franchiser: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
No.372, West Renmin Road, Kunming, Yunnan Province

by Alicia Nela
I have been taking it for 3 months and i have lost 19lbs, though it’s slow but I feel fine as long as I am losing weight :)

by Camilla Jolly
i’ve been taking the lida caps for 3 months and n have had positive results! I went from 174 to 150! I really like it, I’m still taking them and I hope I can get to about 120, that would be perfect :)

by tammy Tafoya
I use Lida with good result, i'm convinced they are safe and great!

by Priscilla Newbold
I’ve only been taking it less than a week so far but I do feel difference, my cravings have almost gone and I do feel thirsty so I drink a lot of water.

by Cathy Caines
I have been taking this product for 2 weeks and lost 3lbs, not much but it does curbing my appetite for some hours, I will continue, hope the result can be better….

by Royal Moranz
Pills came fast and I’m on day 4, the weight loss hasn't happened but I do get suppressed appetite and dry mouth, I wish I can lose some soon

by Emma Dokie
I’ve got the desired weight, thank you very much, I still have some pills, I’ll save them in case of weight come back, though they work amazingly, I really hope I don’t need to use them again lol

by Nancy Luque
I’m back to let you guys know that I’ve lost 9lbs! I mean to lose 15lbs so that mean I will get wanted weight soon! Excited, I get a lot of compliments for my results lo, thanks a bunch!

by Viviann Thurmon
bought some from a local store but it isn't providing now therefore, i've tried to order on website, i love this shopping, the delivery was fast and i've lost another 10lbs after a month, good seller, cheers!

by Laura Lewis
get dry mouth and zero appetite, i take tons of water everyday, feel good

by Jesse Kiefer
got them quicker than I expected! very good start, so far i have been usin it for 2 wks and so far so good, the stomach is smaller, i will keep you know my process!

by Ivana Scheurn
took it for test and they do work great, very happy so order some for friends, wll be your regular customer, cheers!

by Yocelyn Alibrando
The product is good but it came squashed, pls pack it carefully next time

by Gina Santiago
The pills are working for me, I have been taking the pills for a month and the weight went from 67kg to 61kg, the side effect is dry mouth and a slight high heart rate at times

by Evi Rhome
I love it, I have used out the packs I bought and have lost the extra weight 25 pounds, from June to Sep, I highly appreciate your business and I will surely recommend it to all my friends, this fabulous product really works great.